Limited availability of new USGS data: starting approximately February 29, 2024, there will be a period when new USGS data will not be accessible on the Water Quality Portal. Data will still be collected but will not be publicly available. This limited availability is expected to last a few weeks.
Recent USGS data will be accessible again upon release of the new Data Profiles, which will be in the WQX 3.0 format. These profiles should be available in March, 2024.

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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for BERRY

This organization has 28 sites. Click on a grouped icon to zoom and expand

- Unnamed spring on Old Mountain in Section 15 - BERRY-15-1 (Spring)
- Unnamed spring on Long Ridge in Section 21 - BERRY-21-1 (Spring)
- Circle Dot Gulch above Garden Gulch Road - BERRY-CDG-1 (Stream)
- Circle Dot Gulch below Garden Gulch Road - BERRY-CDG-1A (Stream)
- Circle Dot Gulch above Latham Property - BERRY-CDG-2 (Stream)
- Corral Gulch above Garden Gulch - BERRY-CG-1 (Stream)
- Northwestern tributary to Corral Gulch - BERRY-CGWT-1 (Stream)
- Deep Gulch - BERRY-DG-1 (Stream)
- Forked Gulch above East Fork Parachute Creek - BERRY-FG-1 (Stream)
- Granlee Gulch above waterfall - BERRY-GG-1 (Stream)
- Helm Gulch mainstem - BERRY-HG-1 (Stream)
- Helm Gulch north tributary - BERRY-HG-W1 (Stream)
- House Log Gulch above Garden Gulch Road - BERRY-HLG-1 (Stream)
- House Log Gulch below Garden Gulch Road - BERRY-HLG-1A (Stream)
- Latham Property Spring 1 - BERRY-Latham Spring 1 (Spring)
- Latham Property Spring 1A - BERRY-Latham Spring 1A (Spring)
- Latham Property Spring 3 - BERRY-Latham Spring 3 (Spring)
- Little Creek mainstem - BERRY-LC-1 (Stream)
- Lone Tree Spring - BERRY-Lone Tree Spring (Spring)
- Northwest tributary of Little Creek - BERRY-NTLC-1 (Stream)
- Pete Spring - BERRY-PS-1 (Spring)
- Pete Spring water trough - BERRY-PS-2 (Spring)
- Unnamed spring in Rulison Gulch - BERRY-RG-1 (Spring)
- Sheep Kill Gulch - BERRY-SKG-1 (Stream)
- Circle Dot Lower Spring - BERRY-Spring S3 (Spring)
- Smearcheck Spring - BERRY-Spring S4 (Spring)
- Corral Gulch East Spring - BERRY-Spring S5 (Spring)
- Smearcheck Lower Spring - BERRY-Spring S6 (Spring)