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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for CAFRESNO

This organization has 24 sites. Click on a grouped icon to zoom and expand

- Coarse Gold Creek - Highway 41: Bridge just south of Coarseg - CAFRESNO-CGC010 (Stream)
- Coarse Gold Creek - Meadow Ridge Lane Bridge: approximately - CAFRESNO-CGC020 (Stream)
- Coarse Gold Creek at Yosemite Springs Parkway Bridge: one mi - CAFRESNO-CGC030 (Stream)
- Coarse Gold Creek near Fresno River: Coarse Gold Creek upstr - CAFRESNO-CGC040 (Stream)
- China Creek - Fresno River: China Creek upstream from the co - CAFRESNO-CHC010 (Stream)
- Crooks Creek - Fresno River: Crooks Creek above the confluen - CAFRESNO-CRC010 (Stream)
- `Sugar Pine: Lewis Fork below the community of Sugar Pine, F - CAFRESNO-FRR010 (Stream)
- Cedar Valley: Lewis Fork below the community of Cedar Valley - CAFRESNO-FRR020 (Stream)
- Sky Ranch Road: Lewis Fork of the Fresno River at Sky Ranch - CAFRESNO-FRR030 (Stream)
- Cheapo Saddle: Cheapo Saddle drainage on Road 427 in the tow - CAFRESNO-FRR040 (Stream)
- Oakhurst WWTF: Fresno River above WWTF below the confluence - CAFRESNO-FRR050 (Stream)
- Downstream of WWTF: Fresno River downstream of Oakhurst WWTF - CAFRESNO-FRR060 (Stream)
- Fresno River - Miami Creek: Fresno River above the confluenc - CAFRESNO-FRR070 (Stream)
- Fresno River - Miami Creek: below the confluence of Miami Cr - CAFRESNO-FRR080 (Stream)
- Fresno River - Spangle Gold Creek: below the confluence of S - CAFRESNO-FRR090 (Stream)
- Fresno River - Coarse Gold Creek: above confluence of Coarse - CAFRESNO-FRR100 (Stream)
- Fresno River - below the confluence of Coarse Gold Creek bef - CAFRESNO-FRR110 (Stream)
- Hensley Lake: near the inflow - CAFRESNO-HEL010 (Stream)
- Hensley Lake: midpoint - CAFRESNO-HEL020 (Stream)
- Hensley Lake: near Andy¿s cove - CAFRESNO-HEL030 (Stream)
- Hensley Lake: at the outflow tower - CAFRESNO-HEL040 (Stream)
- Miami Creek - Peterson Creek: Miami Creek just below conflue - CAFRESNO-MIC010 (Stream)
- Nelder Creek - Lewis Fork: Nelder Creek just upstream from t - CAFRESNO-NEC010 (Stream)
- Peterson Creek - Miami Creek: Peterson Creek just above the - CAFRESNO-PEC010 (Stream)