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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for WALLAWALLA_WC

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- South Fork Walla Walla River CTUIR Fish Hatchery - WALLAWALLA_WC-23489-ORDEQ (Stream)
- South Fork Walla Walla River at South Fork Bridge - WALLAWALLA_WC-23490-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Day Road south - WALLAWALLA_WC-23492-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Little Walla Walla Irrigation Diversion - WALLAWALLA_WC-23493-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Tum-A-Lum Bridge on Birch Creek Road - WALLAWALLA_WC-23496-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Matthews Lane off Tum-A-Lum Road - WALLAWALLA_WC-23498-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Columbia River Mid-Channel at Marker 28 - WALLAWALLA_WC-23807-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Columbia River at Marker 14 - WALLAWALLA_WC-23809-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Grove School Bridge - WALLAWALLA_WC-32007-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Pepper's Bridge - WALLAWALLA_WC-32008-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Little Walla Walla River at The Frog - WALLAWALLA_WC-32012-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Frasier Farmstead (River Mile 46.1) (WWBC M-1) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32797-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River downstream of Little Walla Walla Diversion (WWBC M-2) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32798-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Nursing Home on 1st Street (River Mile 44.9) (WWBC M-3) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32799-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Nursery Bridge and Fish Ladder, 100 yards DS (RM 44.5) (WWBC M-4) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32800-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Willow Lane 0.5 downstream of Nursery Bridge (River Mile 44.0) (WWBC M-5a) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32801-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River DS of gravel pit, 1 mile D/S of Nursery Bridge (River Mile 43.6) (WWBC M-6) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32802-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River 0.5 mile upstream of Tumalum Bridge (River Mile 42.9) (WWBC M-7) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32803-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River, South Fork at Burnt Cabin Bridge (River Mile 12.5) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32804-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Tumalum Bridge (River Mile 42.3) (WWBC M-8) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32805-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Matthews Lane (River Mile 41.8) (WWBC M-9) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32806-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River, South Fork at Harris Park, near OWRD gauge (River Mile 10.0) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32807-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River, North Fork near mouth (River Mile 0.4) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32808-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River, South Fork at first bridge on SF Section (River Mile 0.25) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32809-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Walla Walla River at Day Road (River Mile 48.1) - WALLAWALLA_WC-32810-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Spring from west streambank of Walla Walla River 0.5 miles downstream of Nursery Bridge - WALLAWALLA_WC-40756-ORDEQ (Spring)
- South Fork Walla Walla River at CTUIR fish facility - WALLAWALLA_WC-40757-ORDEQ (Stream)