Water Quality Portal Data Sites for SANFELIPE_WQX

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- Northern Boundary of the Pueblo - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site1 (Stream)
- Southern Boundary of the Pueblo - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site10 (Stream)
- NW boundary on the Sili Main - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site2 (Stream)
- NE Boundary on Cochiti East - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site3 (Stream)
- Sili Main 500ft above - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site4 (Stream)
- On Tonque Arroyo, 100ft above the River - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site5 (Stream)
- Above Conf. of Rio Grande, Sili Main and Tongue Arroyo - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site6 (Stream)
- Bridge Near Con. Of Rio Grande Sili Main and Tongue Arroyo - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site7 (Stream)
- Southern Side of Pueblo (Main Village) - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site8 (Stream)
- Below the WWTP (Indian Ditch) - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site9 (Stream)
- WWTP Discharge Point - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site9a (Stream)
- Upstream of the WWTP Discharge Point - SANFELIPE_WQX-Site9b (Stream)