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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for PATCMON

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- South Branch Aughwick Creek below Cowans Gap - PATCMON-AUGHWICK01 (Stream)
- Barclays Run, about One Mile Above Confluence with Back Cr. - PATCMON-BARCLAYS01 (Stream)
- Cold Comfort Creek, Firestone Tract - PATCMON-COLD_COMFORT01 (Stream)
- Collets Run, above confluence with Entry Run - PATCMON-COLLETS01 (Stream)
- Entry Run, near John's Rest PATC Cabin - PATCMON-ENTRY01 (Stream)
- West Branch, Naked Creek near Weaver Cabin - PATCMON-NAKED01 (Stream)
- North Fork, Dry Run, Shaver Hollow - PATCMON-NFDRY01 (Stream)
- Swift Run, near VA route 636 - PATCMON-SWIFT01 (Stream)