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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for MYRWA

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- Aberjona River at USGS Gaging Station in Winchester; the bank upstream of weir - MYRWA-ABR006 (Stream)
- Aberjona River at Washington Street in Winchester; upstream side of the bridge - MYRWA-ABR028 (Stream)
- Aberjona River at Salem Street in Woburn; downstream side of the bridge - MYRWA-ABR049 (Stream)
- Alewife Brook at Broadway Bridge in Somerville; downstream of the bridge on the bank - MYRWA-ALB006 (Stream)
- Belle Isle Inlet at Crystal Avenue in Revere; sampled from end of private dock or by walking across mud to channel - MYRWA-BEI093 (Estuary)
- Chelsea River in East Boston at Condor Street; sampled at east side of Urban Wild - MYRWA-CHR95S (Estuary)
- Malden River at Medford Street Bridge in Malden; upstream side of the bridge - MYRWA-MAR036 (Stream)
- Meetinghouse Brook at Mystic River in Medford; upstream side of the culvert - MYRWA-MEB001 (Stream)
- Mill Brook at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Arlington; upstream of the dam - MYRWA-MIB001 (Stream)
- Mill Creek at Broadway Bridge on Chelsea/Revere line; sampled from south east side of Broadway bridge - MYRWA-MIC004 (Estuary)
- Mystic River at High Street Bridge in Medford; outlet from Lower Mystic Lake, upstream side of the bridge - MYRWA-MYR071 (Stream)
- Mystic River at Draw Seven Park in Somerville; sampled downstream of MWR205 - MYRWA-MYR275 (Estuary)
- Mystic River at Mary O'Malley Park in Chelsea; sampled from east side of wooden pier at east end of park - MYRWA-MYRMMP (Estuary)
- Upper Mystic Lake at Mystic Lakes Dam in Medford; Sample at south east corner of Uppper Mystic Lake - MYRWA-UPL001 (Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment)
- Winn's Brook at Little Pond in Belmont; outlet from Pond, downstream side of the bridge; sample from the top of concrete structure - MYRWA-WIB001 (Stream)