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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for MAWRWMP

This organization has 20 sites. Click on a grouped icon to zoom and expand

- Ashley Brook at Hillside Road - MAWRWMP-ASHB0.3 (Stream)
- Bradley Brook behind Post Office - MAWRWMP-BRB0.16 (Stream)
- Cook Brook at Northwest Road - MAWRWMP-COB0.47 (Stream)
- Jack's Brook at City View Road - MAWRWMP-JACB0.01 (Stream)
- Little River near Westfield River confluence - MAWRWMP-LTR0.01 (Stream)
- Little River at Horton's Bridge - MAWRWMP-LTR4.8 (Stream)
- Little River at Northwest Road Bridge - MAWRWMP-LTR7.5 (Stream)
- Pond Brook at Union Street - MAWRWMP-PNDB0.01 (Stream)
- Pond Brook at East Mountain Country Club - MAWRWMP-PNDB3.3 (Stream)
- Potash Brook along Route 23 below Turnpike Overpass - MAWRWMP-PTB1.3 (Stream)
- Westfield River rest area opposite former Whippernon Golf Course - MAWRWMP-WR20.1 (Stream)
- Westfield River rest area opposite Countryside Woodcraft - MAWRWMP-WR22.6 (Stream)
- Westfield River rest area opposite Huntington Health Center - MAWRWMP-WR24.1 (Stream)
- Westfield River Gage Station near West Springfield - MAWRWMP-WR8.3 (Stream)
- East Branch/ Gardner State Park Beach - MAWRWMP-WREB0.78 (Stream)
- East Branch/ Knightville Dam Gage Station - MAWRWMP-WREB2.4 (Stream)
- East Branch/ Windsor State Forest Beach - MAWRWMP-WREB27.8 (Stream)
- East Branch/ Windsor State Forest Beach - MAWRWMP-WREB28.6 (Stream)
- Middle Branch/ Goss Heights Gage Station - MAWRWMP-WRMB0.3 (Stream)
- West Branch Gage Station - MAWRWMP-WRWB1.5 (Stream)