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- Lousignont Cr at RM 1.06 US of NF Lousignont Cr - HW-34627-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Lousignont Creek Below State Forest Boundary at RM 1.6 (Nehalem) - HW-35208-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Lousignont Cr Trib (Approx. RM 1.2) T3N R5W SESE Sec 16 (Nehalem) - HW-35209-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Lousignont Cr Trib Pond (Approx. RM 1.5) T3N R5W NWSE Sec 16 (Nehalem) - HW-35210-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Kuder Cr below Schmadeke Reservoir (Dairy, Rock, Tualatin) - HW-35211-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Kuder Cr Trib Pond near NW Way Rd T2N R4W SESE Sec 9 (Dairy, Rock, Tualatin) - HW-35212-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Pond on NNE face of Mt. Richmond T2S R5W NENE Sec 1 (Tualatin) - HW-35213-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Tualatin River Drainage at T2S R4W SENW Sec 6 - HW-35214-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Middle Tualatin Drainage Beaver Pond T1S R4W E boundary SW Sec 31 - HW-35215-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Tualatin River Drainage Pond near Cherry Grove T1S R4W NESW Sec 31 - HW-35216-ORDEQ (Stream)