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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for GWCO

This organization has 18 sites. Click on a grouped icon to zoom and expand

- Beaar Creek at Bear Creek Park - GWCO-BC-BCP (Stream)
- Bear Creek across from John F Kennedy HS - GWCO-BCD1 (Stream)
- Bear Creek downstream of Knox Ct. - GWCO-BCD2 (Stream)
- Bear Creek downstream of Irving St. - GWCO-BCD3 (Stream)
- Bear Creek at Estes - GWCO-BC-Estes (Stream)
- Bear Creek at Bear Creek Reservoir Outlet - GWCO-BCL1 (Stream)
- Bear Creek downstream of Fox Hollow Golf Course - GWCO-BCL3 (Stream)
- Bear Creek upstream of Kipling Pkwy - GWCO-BCL4 (Stream)
- Bear Creek downstream of Kipling Pkwy - GWCO-BCL5 (Stream)
- Bear Creek upstream of Federal Blvd - GWCO-BCS1 (Stream)
- Bear Creek downstream of Federal Blvd. - GWCO-BCS2 (Stream)
- Bear Creek upstream of Broken Tee Golf Course - GWCO-BCS3 (Stream)
- Bear Creek Below Flying Saucer RV Park - GWCO-BCS4 (Stream)
- Bear Creek Upstream of S. Platte River - GWCO-BCS5 (Stream)
- Bear Creek upstream of Sheridan Blvd - GWCO-BC-Sher (Stream)
- Bear Creek downstream of Wadsworth - GWCO-BC-Wads (Stream)
- S. Platte River downstream of Bear Creek Confluence - GWCO-SPDSBC (Stream)
- S. Platte River upstream of Bear Creek Confluence - GWCO-SPUSBC (Stream)