Limited availability of new USGS data: starting approximately February 29, 2024, there will be a period when new USGS data will not be accessible on the Water Quality Portal. Data will still be collected but will not be publicly available. This limited availability is expected to last a few weeks.
Recent USGS data will be accessible again upon release of the new Data Profiles, which will be in the WQX 3.0 format. These profiles should be available in March, 2024.

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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for GLIFWC

This organization has 24 sites. Click on a grouped icon to zoom and expand

- Presque Isle R. & M28 [stream gage location] - GLIFWC-MI-01 (Stream)
- Little Presque Isle R. 1.5 miles NW of Wolf Mtn. - GLIFWC-MI-02 (Stream)
- Presque Isle R. & Copps Rd. north of Theilers - GLIFWC-MI-03 (Stream)
- Presque Isle R. east off Old Michigan 64 near State Line Trail - GLIFWC-MI-04 (Stream)
- St. Louis R. & CR346 (Moose Line Rd.) (FR130) - GLIFWC-MN-01 (Stream)
- St. Louis R. & Hwy. 110 [stream gage location] - GLIFWC-MN-02 (Stream)
- St. Louis R. & Skibo Mill landing at FR795 - GLIFWC-MN-03 (Stream)
- St. Louis R. & R.R. near river mile 194 - GLIFWC-MN-04 (Stream)
- Salmon Trout R. off NW-road e-branch gage - GLIFWC-STE-24-01 (Stream)
- Salmon Trout R. at NW-road e-branch - GLIFWC-STE-46-01 (Stream)
- Salmon Trout R. Trib. at NW-road e-branch sec. 34 - GLIFWC-STE-61-01 (Stream)
- Salmon Trout R. Trib. at NW-road e-branch sec. 5 - GLIFWC-STE-71-02 (Stream)
- Salmon Trout R. at NW-road e-branch sec. 4 - GLIFWC-STE-73-01 (Stream)
- Salmon Trout R. off NW-road m-branch gage - upstream road - GLIFWC-STM-44-01 (Stream)
- Tyler Fks. at Stricker Rd. - GLIFWC-WI-01 (Stream)
- Javorksy Cr. at Hwy. 77 - GLIFWC-WI-02 (Stream)
- Tyler Frks. at Hwy. 77 - GLIFWC-WI-03 (Stream)
- Bull Gus Cr. & County Forest Rd. - GLIFWC-WI-04 (Stream)
- Devils Cr. And Lake Rd. - GLIFWC-WI-05 (Stream)
- Devils Cr. headwaters at culvert under RR grade - GLIFWC-WI-07 (Stream)
- Dunn Cr. & R.R. grade, upstream side - GLIFWC-WI-08 (Stream)
- Tributary to Ballou Cr. at Stillen driveway - GLIFWC-WI-09 (Stream)
- Stream 13 tributary to Tyler Fks R. at Cedar Falls - GLIFWC-WI-10 (Stream)
- Stream 08 tributary to Tyler Fks R. at Bull Gus Rd - GLIFWC-WI-11 (Stream)