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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for EMSWCD

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- North Fork of Beaver Creek near 302nd and Division Rd. - EMSWCD-BC-B (Stream)
- South Fork of Beaver Creek at 302nd - EMSWCD-BC-C (Stream)
- Middle Fork of Beaver Creek at SE Pipline Rd. - EMSWCD-BC-D (Stream)
- Middle Fork of Beaver Creek at Lusted Rd. - EMSWCD-BC-E (Stream)
- Johnson Creek at the 282nd Bridge - EMSWCD-JC-C (Stream)
- Johnson Creek on Short Road - EMSWCD-JC-D (Stream)
- Johnson Creek at Surface Nursery - EMSWCD-JC-G (Stream)
- Headwaters of Johnson Creek South of Bluff Road - EMSWCD-JC-H (Stream)
- Johnson Creek at the Bluff Street Bridge - EMSWCD-JC-I (Stream)
- North Fork of Johnson Creek at Headwaters Farm - EMSWCD-JC-J (Stream)