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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for COLUMBIA_SWCD

This organization has 22 sites. Click on a grouped icon to zoom and expand

- Clatskanie River at Swedetown Road - COLUMBIA_SWCD-23302-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Beaver Creek at Beaver Falls Road (Tidewater, upstream of Stewart Creek) - COLUMBIA_SWCD-23526-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Beaver Creek at Beaver Falls and Rutter Road (COLCO 080) - COLUMBIA_SWCD-23527-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Girt Creek at Beaver Spring Road (Beaver Creek tributary River Mile 16.6) - COLUMBIA_SWCD-23535-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Beaver Creek at Beaver Springs Road (upstream of Girt Creek) - COLUMBIA_SWCD-23536-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Carcus Creek at mouth (Clatskanie River tributary, River Mile 11.2) - COLUMBIA_SWCD-23537-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Little Clatskanie River at Apiary Road (Clatskanie River tributary River Mile 16.2) - COLUMBIA_SWCD-23539-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Scappoose Creek - North Scappoose Creek at Hwy 30 - COLUMBIA_SWCD-23566-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Milton Creek at Columbia Boulevard - COLUMBIA_SWCD-33630-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Scapoose Creek at West Lane Road (Multnomah Channel) - COLUMBIA_SWCD-33637-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Scappoose Cr North Fork at Alder Cr - COLUMBIA_SWCD-37599-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Milton Cr DS of Old Portland Rd on Boise Cascade side of road - COLUMBIA_SWCD-39130-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Clatskanie River 550 m above Keystone Creek - COLUMBIA_SWCD-40312-ORDEQ (Stream)
- South Scappoose 160 m above Scappoose Venonia Hwy - COLUMBIA_SWCD-40313-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Clatskanie River 1,414 m below Carcus Creek - COLUMBIA_SWCD-40314-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Clatskanie River 98 m above Little Clatskanie River - COLUMBIA_SWCD-40315-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Milton Creek 85 m below W Kappler Rd - COLUMBIA_SWCD-40316-ORDEQ (Stream)
- South Scappoose Creek 129 m above Otto Miller Rd - COLUMBIA_SWCD-40317-ORDEQ (Stream)
- Milton Creek at Pittsburg Road - COLUMBIA_SWCD-41126-ORDEQ (Stream)
- South Scappoose Creek at SW Dutch Canyon Road - COLUMBIA_SWCD-41127-ORDEQ (Stream)
- South Scappoose Creek at SW Em Watts Road - COLUMBIA_SWCD-41128-ORDEQ (Stream)
- South Scappoose Creek at Raymond Creek Road - COLUMBIA_SWCD-41129-ORDEQ (Stream)