Thunderbird Post Oak SE224th ST (ABSHAWNEE-TB08) site data in the Water Quality Portal

Data Provider: STORET (Learn more about Water Quality Portal Data Providers)

This reservoir site, maintained by the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma (identifier ABSHAWNEE), has the name "Thunderbird Post Oak SE224th ST" and has the identifier ABSHAWNEE-TB08.

This site is located in Oklahoma County County, Oklahoma at 1.0000000000 degrees latitude and -1.0000000000 degrees longitude using the datum NAD83. No horizontal location accuracy metadata is available.

To download the metadata about this site along with water quality data, go to the Portal Page and enter "ABSHAWNEE-TB08" into the "Site ID" box under Site Parameters

Upstream and downstream stations

This map shows all Water Quality Portal stations that are 10 miles upstream (dashed dark blue) and 10 miles downstream (solid light blue) of this monitoring location (indicated by the large blue circle). The upstream and downstream functionality is provided by the National Linked Data Index, part of the Open Water Data Initiative.

Detailed Metadata

For the definitions of the metadata elements, please go to the Water Quality Portal user guide

OrganizationIdentifier ABSHAWNEE
OrganizationFormalName Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma
MonitoringLocationIdentifier ABSHAWNEE-TB08
MonitoringLocationName Thunderbird Post Oak SE224th ST
MonitoringLocationTypeName Reservoir
MonitoringLocationDescriptionText Southeast corner of camp area beach
LatitudeMeasure 1.0000000000
LongitudeMeasure -1.0000000000
SourceMapScaleNumeric 0
HorizontalCollectionMethodName GPS-Unspecified
HorizontalCoordinateReferenceSystemDatumName NAD83
CountryCode US
StateCode 40
CountyCode 109
ProviderName STORET