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BUFFALO RIVER in Buffalo (21NYDECA-01031002) site data in the Water Quality Portal

Data Provider: STORET (Learn more about Water Quality Portal Data Providers)

This river/stream site, maintained by the NYS Dept. of EnCon, Division of Water (identifier 21NYDECA), has the name "BUFFALO RIVER in Buffalo" and has the identifier 21NYDECA-01031002. This site is in the watershed defined by the 8 digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC)04120103.

This site is located in Erie County County, New York at 42.8616667 degrees latitude and -78.8677778 degrees longitude using the datum UNKWN. No horizontal location accuracy metadata is available. This site is at an elevation of 0 ft No vertical location accuracy metadata is available.

To download the metadata about this site along with water quality data, go to the Portal Page and enter "21NYDECA-01031002" into the "Site ID" box under Site Parameters

What other monitoring locations are upstream or downstream from this one?

Upstream and downstream locations

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When were data collected at this location?

Periods of record for data characteristic groups

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Characteristic Group Date Range*
Inorganics, Major, Metals 2001 - 2007
Inorganics, Major, Non-metals 2001 - 2007
Inorganics, Minor, Metals 2001 - 2007
Microbiological 2001 - 2006
Nutrient 2001 - 2007
Organics, Other 2001 - 2007
Organics, Pesticide 2001 - 2007
Physical 2001 - 2007
*Date ranges may contain gap years

What other information is available for this location?

Detailed Metadata

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Location Metadata Value
OrganizationIdentifier 21NYDECA
OrganizationFormalName NYS Dept. of EnCon, Division of Water
MonitoringLocationIdentifier 21NYDECA-01031002
MonitoringLocationName BUFFALO RIVER in Buffalo
MonitoringLocationTypeName River/Stream
MonitoringLocationDescriptionText @ OHIO ST. BRIDGE
HUCEightDigitCode 04120103
LatitudeMeasure 42.8616667
LongitudeMeasure -78.8677778
SourceMapScaleNumeric 24000
HorizontalCollectionMethodName Interpolation-Map
HorizontalCoordinateReferenceSystemDatumName UNKWN
VerticalMeasure/MeasureValue 0
VerticalMeasure/MeasureUnitCode ft
VerticalCoordinateReferenceSystemDatumName Unknown
CountryCode US
StateCode 36
CountyCode 029
ProviderName STORET