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- Gordon River Extension at mouth of canal leading to Main Pos - 21FLNAPL_WQX-BC3 (Estuary)
- Naples Bay canal adjacent to stormwater outfall - 21FLNAPL_WQX-CURLEW (Estuary)
- Gordon River south of Gordon River Extention, just N of City - 21FLNAPL_WQX-GORDEXT (Estuary)
- Gordon River by Joe's Crab Shack - 21FLNAPL_WQX-GORDJOE (Estuary)
- Gordon River by Pulling Park - 21FLNAPL_WQX-GORDPK (Estuary)
- Gordon River near Port Ave - 21FLNAPL_WQX-GORDPT (Estuary)
- Naples Bay adjacent to Wastewater Outfall - 21FLNAPL_WQX-GORDWW (Estuary)
- Naples Bay just inside Gordon's Pass by marker 6 - 21FLNAPL_WQX-GPASS6 (Estuary)
- Haldeman Creek just east of City limits - 21FLNAPL_WQX-HALDCR (Estuary)
- Moorings Bay/Venetian Bay just south of Seagate Dr. - 21FLNAPL_WQX-MB1 (Estuary)
- South of Venetian Village - 21FLNAPL_WQX-MB2 (Estuary)
- Just north of Doctors Pass and the flood shoal - 21FLNAPL_WQX-MB3 (Estuary)
- South of Mooring Line Dr. in Hurricane Harbor - 21FLNAPL_WQX-MB4 (Estuary)
- Naples Bay just inside Doubloon Bay in Port Royal - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAY13 (Estuary)
- Naples Bay at channel marker 21 - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAY21 (Estuary)
- Naples Bay just west of marker 29 - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAY29 (Estuary)
- Naples Bay at Marker 33 - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAY33 (Estuary)
- Naples Bay just south of BayView Park - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAYBV (Estuary)
- Naples Bay at entrance to Curlew Canal - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAYCC (Estuary)
- Naples Bay in Haldeman Creek - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAYHC (Estuary)
- Naples Bay at mouth of Kingfish Rd canal - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAYKF (Estuary)
- Naples Bay in Morgan's Cove at dead end of canal - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAYLLO (Estuary)
- Naples Bay near Naples Landing - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAYNL (Estuary)
- Naples Bay in a canal and at entrance to Treasure Cove - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAYTC (Estuary)
- Naples Bay near marker 24 and Windstar dock/shoal - 21FLNAPL_WQX-NBAYWS (Estuary)
- Naples Bay canal (Oyster Bay) near stormwater outfall - 21FLNAPL_WQX-OYSBAY (Estuary)
- Rock Creek just east of the City limits - 21FLNAPL_WQX-ROCKCR (Estuary)