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- Upstream of weir in Billy Creek @ inlet to preserve - 21FLCOFM_WQX-BCP1-10 (Stream)
- Discharge from Weir of Marsh #2 to Billy Creek - 21FLCOFM_WQX-BCP4-10 (Stream)
- N end of SW Basin, Downtown FM, approx. mid pond - 21FLCOFM_WQX-CFMBASIN (Estuary)
- Zapato St discharge into Billy Creek - 21FLCOFM_WQX-CFMBILLY3 (Stream)
- Ford St Canal discharge into Bily Creek - 21FLCOFM_WQX-CFMBILLY6 (Stream)
- Carrell Canal at Fort Myers Country Club structure - 21FLCOFM_WQX-CFMCARRELL (Stream)
- W side of boardwalk approx 75' N of TEE - 21FLCOFM_WQX-CFMFSP (Estuary)
- Manuel's Branch at control structure behind Ft Myers High - 21FLCOFM_WQX-CFMMANUEL (Stream)
- N Colonial waterway at weir outfall - 21FLCOFM_WQX-CFMNCOLONIAL (Stream)
- Winkler Canal at Roger's Weir - 21FLCOFM_WQX-CFMWINKLER (Stream)