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Water Quality Portal Data Sites for 21FLANER

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- Cat Point-St. George Sound^400 meters E. of St. George Is Br - 21FLANER-APACPNUT (Estuary)
- Dry Bar-Apalachicola Bay^1/2 mile E. of St. Vincent Island - 21FLANER-APADBNUT (Estuary)
- East Bay Bottom - Apalachicola Bay - 21FLANER-APAEBNUT (Estuary)
- East Bay Bridge-Apalachicola Bay next to the John Gorrie Brg - 21FLANER-APAEGNUT (Estuary)
- East Bay Surface-E. Bay^ 4 ? miles N. of John Gorrie Brg - 21FLANER-APAESNUT (Estuary)
- Mid Bay-Apalachicola Bay^3 1/2 miles S. of Apalachicola - 21FLANER-APAMBNUT (Estuary)
- Nicks Hole-Apalachicola Bay ^ ? mile N. of St. George Island - 21FLANER-APANHNUT (Estuary)
- Pilots Cove-Apalachicola Bay^? mile N. of Cape St. George Is - 21FLANER-APAPCNUT (Estuary)
- River - 21FLANER-APARVNUT (Stream)
- Sikes Cut Offshore-Gulf of Mexico^1 mile SW of St. George Is - 21FLANER-APASCNUT (Estuary)
- West Pass-Apalachicola Bay btw St Vcent Is &Cape St.Grge Is - 21FLANER-APAWPNUT (Estuary)