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LITTLE RIVER NEAR ADEL, GA (USGS-02318000) site data in the Water Quality Portal

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This stream site, maintained by the USGS Georgia Water Science Center (identifier USGS-GA), has the name "LITTLE RIVER NEAR ADEL, GA" and has the identifier USGS-02318000. This site is in the watershed defined by the 8 digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC)03110204. See more details of this site the the USGS NWIS Web page for this site. This site has a drainage area of 577 sq mi and the contributing drainage area is 577 sq mi.

This site is located in Cook County County, Georgia at 31.15555556000000 degrees latitude and -83.5436111000000 degrees longitude using the datum NAD83. The horizontal location collection method was "Interpolated from MAP." and the accuracy is 1 seconds. This site is at an elevation of 173.17 feet and the accuracy of the elevation measurement, collected using the method "GNSS2 - Level 2 Quality Survey Grade Global Navigation Satellite System" is .22 feet. The vertical coordinate reference system is NAVD88.

To download the metadata about this site along with water quality data, go to the Portal Page and enter "USGS-02318000" into the "Site ID" box under Site Parameters

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Upstream and downstream locations

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When were data collected at this location?

Periods of record for data characteristic groups

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Characteristic Group Date Range*
Inorganics, Major, Metals 1941 - 1974
Inorganics, Major, Non-metals 1941 - 1974
Inorganics, Minor, Metals 1941 - 1974
Inorganics, Minor, Non-metals 1974 - 1974
Microbiological 1970 - 1970
Nutrient 1941 - 1974
Organics, Other 1974 - 1974
Physical 1941 - 1974
Sediment 1959 - 1961
*Date ranges may contain gap years

What other information is available for this location?

Detailed Metadata

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Location Metadata Value
OrganizationIdentifier USGS-GA
OrganizationFormalName USGS Georgia Water Science Center
MonitoringLocationIdentifier USGS-02318000
MonitoringLocationName LITTLE RIVER NEAR ADEL, GA
MonitoringLocationTypeName Stream
HUCEightDigitCode 03110204
DrainageAreaMeasure/MeasureValue 577
DrainageAreaMeasure/MeasureUnitCode sq mi
ContributingDrainageAreaMeasure/MeasureValue 577
ContributingDrainageAreaMeasure/MeasureUnitCode sq mi
LatitudeMeasure 31.15555556000000
LongitudeMeasure -83.5436111000000
HorizontalAccuracyMeasure/MeasureValue 1
HorizontalAccuracyMeasure/MeasureUnitCode seconds
HorizontalCollectionMethodName Interpolated from MAP.
HorizontalCoordinateReferenceSystemDatumName NAD83
VerticalMeasure/MeasureValue 173.17
VerticalMeasure/MeasureUnitCode feet
VerticalAccuracyMeasure/MeasureValue .22
VerticalAccuracyMeasure/MeasureUnitCode feet
VerticalCollectionMethodName GNSS2 - Level 2 Quality Survey Grade Global Navigation Satellite System
VerticalCoordinateReferenceSystemDatumName NAVD88
CountryCode US
StateCode 13
CountyCode 075
ProviderName NWIS